Common questions

Here are some of the questions we frequently get asked:

- Do I need to create an account to donate on Miya?
No. We do not require you to create an account before donating. On the fundraising page, you can just click the donation button and it will open up the payments dialog

- Is Miya free to use?
Yes, you do not pay to create a fundraiser on Miya or use the Miya platform. However, we charge a transactions commision fee per donation. Check out our Pricing page on how this is done. 

- Which countries are supported on Miya?
Fundraisers on Miya are created in the Cameroonian currency (XAF). However, we accept donations from all around the world. If a user in a different country wishes to create a fundraiser on Miya, donations will be managed in the Cameroonian currency. We will support more countries directly in due time. 

- Who can I raise funds for?
You can raise funds for yourself or for a beneficiary, organization and community. While creating the campaign, you can indicate that you are raising funds on behalf of a beneficiary and indicate the name of the beneficiary.

- Who can withdraw campaign funds?
The one who creates a campaign via their account is the only one who can withdraw funds for the campaign. It is important that you keep your account details such as your password confidential.

- How do I receive the funds raised?
When you are ready to withdraw the funds raised from your campaign, you use the withdraw button located on the project page on your user dashboard. Here, you can indicate how much you want to withdraw and how you want to receive the money. This can be via Bank transfer or through Mobile Money/Orange Money.

If you have any more questions, you can contact our support team and we'll get right back to you.